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Fixed Income Trading

Fixed Income trading

Ford Beckett’s fixed income trading team is made up of a diverse group of financial professionals who between them share over a century of expertise in a multitude of fixed income sectors. Our team of specialists have a direct line of communication to the trading team, and as a client of Ford Beckett Group you will gain in depth access to the team and utilize their wealth of experience as they work to create a unique and diverse portfolio with you. One of the main focuses of a portfolio built surrounding a fixed income strategy is for those investors who are much more risk adverse, Fixed income strategies are a moderately safe way to enhance an existing portfolio, or create a new portfolio for the inexperienced investor, as it provides a steady residual income over time, with low to moderate exposure in the markets.

Your Ford Beckett portfolio manager will work closely with you to design, create and manage a portfolio that will assist you with reaching your goals, while adhering to your tolerance to risk. By utilizing the vast knowledge of our team of advisors, and combining that knowledge with information backed by our research team, we are confident in our ability to push your portfolio above and beyond your expectations.

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