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Our Team

Senior Team

Our team are always at the front lines of everything we do here at Ford Beckett.Since our humble beginnings, we have always believed that the more we give to our staff, the better results that our clients see. Below are some of the key figures here at Ford Beckett, and are of paramount importance to our success as a company, and our clients success in the markets.

Felix Weyland - Ford Beckett Group

Felix Weyland
Managing Partner

Jonathon Attwater - Ford Beckett Group

Jonathon Attwater
Chief Trading Officer
International Trading

Liam Cole - Ford Beckett Group

Liam Cole
Chief Trading Officer
Domestic Trading

Susan Humphries - Ford Beckett Group

Susan Humphries
Senior Portfolio Manager

Mark Cameron - Ford Beckett Group

Mark Cameron
Senior Portfolio Manager

Bianca Hoffman - Ford Beckett Group

Bianca Hoffman
Senior Portfolio Manager

Rebecca Chew - Ford Beckett Group

Rebecca Chew
Senior Portfolio Manager

David Corbett - Ford Beckett Group

David Corbett
Senior Portfolio Manager

Daniel Friedman - Ford Beckett Group

Daniel Friedman
Senior Portfolio Manager