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Research and Analysis



At the center of any successful financial institution is there research department. Ford Beckett Group has believed this since there inception, which is why we have constantly invested into our research department and implemented new research teams around the globe.

Our research teams are highly skilled professionals who conduct in depth market analysis and research into companies we deem to be undervalued. Taking into account the management structure and fundamentals of companies we are able to gain an understanding of how the company will perform in the short term. Our research teams work closely with both internal and external sources to delve deeper into a companies history, products and other key parts of their business to determine whether or not the company is worth investing into.

Our research team is made up of economists, ex financial advisors, market analysts with years of experience under there belts. Each member of our team is committed to bringing new and accurate information to the attention of our advisors in a timely manner so that they can then relay the information onto their clients. The information our brokers receive has been backed by extensive research that has taken months to prepare, there are no second chances in the market, so we make sure to bring our clients only the best information that will lead to a successful execution of trade, and bring their portfolios a positive return.

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