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Trading Stocks

Make Your Stock Investing ideas a reality

If you are in the market for new and innovative Investment opportunities, and are looking at diversifying your risk profile in exchange for a greater potential to see increased profits, then adding stocks to your investment portfolio may be the right decision for you.

Investing into stocks is good for…

  • Creating a diverse and balanced portfolio
  • Broadening your portfolio across geographies, sectors and industries
  • Generating passive income through a multitude of dividend stocks
  • Preserving liquid capital
  • Investors of all experience levels

Finding the right investments for your portfolio.

Investing in stocks can play a vital role in the successful design and execution of a balanced portfolio. Stock investments provide investors with greater access to liquidity than investing as a mutual fund. Across all markets, there are thousands of stock investments that you can choose from. Ford Beckett offers each of our clients all of the necessary advice, research and guidance to find the right investment opportunities that will compliment your portfolio. Ford Beckett helps our clients to identify new investment opportunities, and offers a wealth of powerful education tools backed by independent third party research.

The benefits of trading stocks with Ford Beckett

  • We help find stocks that suit you

    Ford Beckett offers our client’s unlimited access to our research teams and industry knowledge, which enables you to work with our brokers to find stocks you truly want to invest in. You will have access to a large number of investment opportunities including dividend paying stocks, growth and high yield stocks as well as revenue growth stocks across a large number of companies with both large and small market caps.

  • Your investments your way

    At Ford Beckett we believe that our clients should have the ability to make informed investment decisions when it comes to their portfolio. Although our managed portfolios have some of the best minds in the financial industry monitoring them daily, we think that you as a client should be able to have the final decision on whether or not you want to invest into a company. Ford Beckett works with complete transparency and are more than happy to divulge all research done regarding investment opportunities with you.

  • The latest market news and events

    Ford Beckett ensures that each of our clients are kept informed with up to date news from all major markets, we keep our clients up do date with all news regarding their portfolio and any market movers that we believe should be looked at. As well as our standard news information clients can opt in to receive customized alerts to their email based on certain company prices, volumes press releases and more.

  • More Opportunities when you want them

    Your portfolio manager will be there to identify timely opportunities with their wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial industry. This backed by our team of esteemed market researchers and economists, that bring you more profitable opportunities each year than any other brokerage.

  • Invest with confidence

    Working with Ford Beckett you will have access to a number of benefits in the financial industry, as well as our teams commitment to our clients come first vision. This commitment to you, our clients, enables you a higher quality trading experience with exceptional execution, and smart investment decision. Being an international brokerage, our clients can take advantage of a large number of investment opportunities across the global market place, that may take place in after hours trading, as well as post and pre market trade sessions.

Market Updates